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Post by STE\/E on Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:26 am

Sold my 05 IBM Blown Goat a few day's ago for $3700 more than I paid for it back in Sep 2015 with nothing added to it since I bought it. I just cleaned it up good & asked $19k for it & ended up gettin $18k, the guy that bought it is tickled pink with it & thinks he got a great deal ... lol ... As long as he's happy then I'm happy too.

I only sold the 05 Goat because it had a 6 Speed Manual Tran's in it & I decided I wanted Goat with a Auto A4 Trans in it. I'm at that stage in my life when all that Hot Rod Speed Shifting doesn't do anything for me any more. I just want something that's real clean & semi fast that I can just sit back & cruise around in.

Anyhoot I'll be out of town for a few days, going over to the New York area to look at a Super Clean & Highly Customized 04 Blown Goat, you could eat off the underside of it it's that clean. The guy started out wanting $25k for it back in Sep last year & after seeing I was looking for another Goat after selling the one I had & not being able to sell his for what he was asking for it for almost 7 Month's he offered it to me for $18k. After a little dickering I whittled him down to $17,250. The car is well worth the $18k he offered it to me for but I figure the extra $750 I whittled him down will pay for my trip to go see it & then to go back a few weeks later to get it with my stepson & his enclosed trailer ... Smile

NOTE: If anything goes down while I'm gone it'll stay down till I get back. I only expect to be gone most of today & most of tomorrow or the latest sometime Monday if we don't get back tomorrow.

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